Turmeric Golden Paste for Dogs

Is Turmeric Golden Paste good for dogs? We all love our Furbabies and want the best for their health and wellbeing but what are the benefits of adding Turmeric Golden Paste to their diets and does it really work?

The traditional Golden Paste recipe was formulated by an Australian veterinarian, Doctor Doug English. He has become a renowned expert on the uses of Turmeric on animals and humans. He has spent many years researching Turmeric health benefits and formulating the correct recipe for Turmeric, with all it's curcuminoids, to be best absorbed and therefore most effective. 

For several years he has been using turmeric on his animal patients, there is no placebo effect for animals and therefore we can be assured that it really works. The main benefit to Turmeric Golden Paste is it's anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation in your pets body is the main source and initial cause of many diseases. So start your pets early, to not only help with their current health problems but to stop them occurring in the future - preventative and curative. 

Doctor English found that the reduction in inflammation proved very effective in his animal patients and over the years has seen very positive results, especially in treating conditions like irritant bowel disease, arthritis, chronic skin conditions like dermatitis, infections, pain, various cancers and age degeneration. Overall his patients general health improved, with increased mobility and shinier coats. It is not only a powerful anti-inflammatory but also a strong antioxidant and coagulant.

But did you know that Turmeric Golden Paste is not only effective for your canine friends but a wide range of other pets as well. Doctor English has also successfully used Turmeric to treat horses, cattle, reptiles, birds, cats, alpacas, pigs, rabbits and guinea pigs. Because Turmeric has been around for thousands of years, it has proven to be very safe and in many cases effective in reducing or replacing hard drugs like steroids and NSAIDS. 

Dogs normally love the taste of Turmeric Golden Paste and don't need convincing to consume. Always start off with small amounts like 1/8th of a teaspoon and slowly increase over the weeks, until desired results are seen. Often, is preferable like 2 to 3 servings a day, with food. Simply mix in with their normal food or add to their favourite treats like peanut butter. For very fussy eaters, mix in with their "meaty" wet food.

Positive results won't be seen overnight but over the weeks and months you should start to see great results! The only precaution you should take is if your dog has a pre-existing condition and on medication, is pregnant or has planned surgery. In these cases it is advisable to first check with your veterinarian practice before adding to their daily diet. 

Turmeric Golden Paste supports your pets total body health and wellness.

Golden Turmeric - The Root To Health!